In January of 2005, Pastor Jack sent five people from CCCH to Mali to check out the land and to return back with a report on the school. The team brought back a big “thumbs up” of all the work that was going on there. We continued to pray and to send funds so that the school construction could move forward. In January 2007, we returned to Mali and were blessed to see that there were four classrooms and 200 kids attending grades kindergarten through 4th grade. We continued to seek the Lord’s will and asked if there was something more we could do and He answered…“LOVE MALI” the sponsorship program that you are all a part of now. In March 2008, we returned with our first ever missions team to Africa. We arrived with a team of 19 from CCCH. We did outreaches with many accepting Jesus. We also had a VBS, teacher training and a medical team that assessed the children’s health.

The school has now grown to over 650 kids with 16 classrooms-and growing each year by the grace of God. The Lord has provided the funds necessary to drill a well for water, bring in electricity, and completely wire the school for lighting. We have also been able to build on to the the school yearly. Praise God!!!

There is also a church on the school property. Through the church seeds are being planted daily.





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