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Yes, Love Mali needs your help. Below are some options that are available to help best meet the needs. If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please contact the church office at 909-393-7100 or come to the church office and request a Love Mali sponsorship card.

Option 1- Sponsor a child for $30 per month
-We partner with the parent's to cover the school tuition
-Daily lunch program
-School uniform & textbooks
-Helps with medical needs, hygiene products, teachers salary, and construction of school expansion

Option 2- $30 per month Waiting List
- This option allows you to sponsor all the children until a specific child becomes available to you. Your contribution helps cover the costs during difficult times when sponsors may have to stop their commitment so that the child will continue to have support throughout the year.

Option 3- $30 per month towards whatever the most pressing needs are at that time

Option 4- one time donation

Option 5- any amount given monthly for a specific or general need

Each sponsorship is based upon a yearly commitment, but we pray that you can commit through the entire kindergarten-high school years. If at anytime you are unable to continue, please contact the church.  

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