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• Pray for revival in Mali and for favor with the government
• Godly Governmental Leadership
• Discernment in meeting physical needs
• Health, protection, & safety of all the children, teachers, and staff at the school 

• For salvation of all Soulemanbougou villagers

• That the kids would continue to hear God's word and they would cherish it and understand it
• That learning would be exciting to all the children 
• Unity within the school
• That God would raise up God-fearing men and women-leaders for Christ through this school 

• That God's word would go out weekly in boldness and truth
• Understanding to all that hear it and boldness to go out and be disciples for Jesus Christ

• That the Lord would continue to be their strength in the midst of adversary
• That Joseph would be able to learn the local Bambara language
• Protection for their marriage, health and children
• Discernment in making decision in his leadership positions at the church and school
• Direct Angeles footsteps as she leads the women in discipleship



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