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 Take a look at this video below to follow the journey of the Love Pax.


The last Love Pax outreach, our church family collected 1900+ Love Pax which were sorted, packed and loaded into a 20 foot container in order to ship them to our school in Mali. The container traveled over 16,000 miles stopping at numerous ports before it finally reached Africa 77 days later. After traveling by truck, boat, train, and truck again, the container reached the entrance of the village where our school is located. There was so much excitement in the village when the long awaited container was spotted at the bottom of the hill! It took the container nearly 2 hours to get up the hill to the school (a 5 minute drive). We had to hoist up electrical wires, deal with a flat tire, dig the truck out of a ditch and finally locate a hack saw in order to get the lock off and open the container! .... But "that's Africa"!

We had a small team in Mali to oversee the distribution of the Love Pax. In addition to the 3 schools we had planned to distribute the pax to; God opened the door for us to travel to a remote village. There, we were able to bless the kids with some Love Pax, flip flops, and dresses & shorts made by the women in Agape Stiches here in our church.

We were able to share the Gospel message with each group of children, before passing out the Love Pax. It was very exciting to see that many of the children expressed an interest in knowing more about Jesus! It was also fun to see the kids faces light up as they opened the Pax which were lovingly packed by you! 

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