The school year started in early October, and we wanted to give you a glimpse of what God had done to provide these new classrooms so we can share Jesus with more children. We are thankful for all your support!

The plan for this year has been to increase Kindergarten enrollment from 60 to 90 students and also to add a whole new Preschool level of 90 new students. To help facilitate the registration process, we held 2 mandatory parent meetings for those wanting their children in Love Mali. We had double the number of parents at those meetings than we had space for their children.  

Mandatory parent meeting for registration – 2x the people expected! 
Registration in progress
Meet your teacher open house. Finding which class you are in.
Our staff prayer walk to start the school year

Vanessa, an amazing artist, used her God given skills to add some color to the school.

Morning assembly with prayer to start the day

The new playground is a hit!

This school year’s teaching staff.

In July a team of craftsmen and workers met up with the container sent us, full of playground equipment, classroom furniture and supplies!

The team hung the 70 feet of shade cloth, poured a cement bike trail and constructed several play structures for the playground. The furniture was loaded into the classrooms and the manipulatives and supplies were sorted into the cubbies.

It was 10 days of hard work for our small team but the final result was awesome!

The shade cloth goes up.

Mapping things out.

Pouring the bike trail.

Plenty to build and paint.

It’s coming together.

We had some amazing help.

Classroom setup begins.

Main things are in their place.

Sorting out classroom supplies.

Playground structure assembled.

Climbing wall & bike track tunnel completed.

It looks like fun!

Our July team’s last day in Mali.

During our next trip in September we will be adding some finishing touches and then hosting a “Grand Opening” to show the facility to all the village, parents and kids!

We are excited to update you about the school construction in Mali! The school will be ready for new students this September 2023! We have been able to purchase most of what is needed to furnish the classrooms here in the US while the building has been going up in Mali. We are excited to see how quickly these two efforts are coming together! Take a look at what has been happening. 

10/27/22: We hire a Christian contractor- Zabilo Diarra.
12/21/22: Leveling of the land is completed and a wall is constructed to secure the property. Mapping out of the building placement begins.
1/6/23: Foundations for the new Kindergarten buildings are poured.
1/17/23: The building is beginning to take shape.
2/14/23: They begin work on the 2nd story. The sticks you see… are really sticks! They hold up the 2nd story while the cement dries for 20+ days.
3/8/23: Stairs and restrooms are constructed. The roof of the classrooms are being poured.
3/9/23: Back in the U.S. – Thanks to all your donations we were also able to purchase school equipment. Today we loaded it into a container to ship to Mali.
Wood furniture for the Preschool Classrooms ready to go!
Equipment and hundreds Love Pax loaded up.
Equipment and hundreds Love Pax loaded up.
The teams stops to pray for the container, its journey and all the tools that will be used to reach the children in Mali for Jesus.
The container makes it way to the port of Long Beach.

3/18/23: Our container is on a vessel and left port today- its on it way! We expect to see it in Bamako this June. A team will be deployed in July to go and set up the school in order to be ready for the new school year!
Please keep the school in Mali in your prayers as we near completion and we move forward to hire staff and register kids! We need prayer for:

  • Safety for the workmen
  • Safe and timely arrival of the container
  • Safe travels for the team in July and for strength to complete what is necessary
  • Wisdom in selecting and training new staff members
  • New sponsors for the additional kids for the new school year

Love Mali Team

The village of Soulemanbougou is hilly! And for that reason, the new land must be leveled before we can begin to build on it. We are excited to get started right away in order to accept new students as soon as possible. We have been able to begin leveling the land for the project, but we need to raise money to build the buildings and to furnish the classrooms for students. 

We are looking for those who are able to donate to the cause. We expect to be able to take in about ½ of the new students as soon as the building is completed, with the remaining added each year as they progress in school. 

The land will be used for 6 Preschool / Kindergarten classes, a Preschool playground, 6 elementary classrooms, PE space for Elementary students, a Recreation area, restrooms, an office and a store room.

We hope that you will partner with us if you are able. 

Click Here to Donate to Building Fund.

“Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart” (1 Samuel 16:7). God is not as impressed by the physical or academic achievements a person makes. Character is what matters to Him most. This is why Love Mali has made it our theme this year! 

Each month, every Love Mali student will gather for an assembly to hear about a new character trait that will be the focus of that month. At the end of the month, a student from each class will be recognized for displaying that particular character quality. For October, we introduced to the kids the first character trait of the year: Respect. We shared with them that although King Saul was trying to hunt down David for the kill, David never took it into his own hands to take Saul’s life when he had the chance. Instead, David had respect for the authority God had given Saul over the kingdom. We challenged the students to follow David’s example and show respect to the teachers and staff based on their position and not on how much they like them.

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